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The implementation of this management system in the Toyota dealer network in Spain has already been awarded by the Workflow Management Coalition WfMC for ensuring compliance with environmental legal obligations, using only the strictly necessary human resources.
Webinar Learn to Diagram Business Processes with BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) In just 4 hours you will learn to understand, interpret and construct complex Business Processes flow diagrams and how quick and easy it is, using the best modeling practices around today. Webina...
The National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) in Peru has increased its collaboration agreement with AuraPortal, creating the Enterprise Architecture and BPM Innovation Center professorship. It also plans to offer Specialized Consulting to Peruvian companies.
INCAE has been consistently ranked in recent years by Financial Times and Wall Street Journal as a top global MBA program and one of the top 10 international business schools in the world.
The use of AuraPortal BPM suite has enabled New Millennia Group Plc to offer a solution for temporary employment agencies in the United Kingdom that complies with Agency Workers Regulations (AWR).   The BPM Solution has enabled New Millennia to offer the best solution to temporary...
BPM in the Cloud is the most interesting option when implementing Business Process Management in a company. This is a new way of management based on the combination and synergy of three technologies that will shape the future.
Free BPM Webinar. Discover how to gain competitive edge using AuraPortal Business Process Management (BPM).
This extraordinary eCommerce innovation in the BPM software allows online orders to be fully integrated with the supply chain, enabling an unprecedented automation of sales operations.
BPM in an educational environment will greatly improve quality at corporate level.
Enhance environmental efficiency with AuraPortal BPM. These days, being successful in business is not enough; go green to achieve full environmental success.
The alliance between the two entities includes the incorporation of AuraPortal BPM technology in the university, its educational use by teachers and the commitment to undertake joint actions of specialized research.
Free conference: "The role of BPM technology in the social context of the enterprise". The event will take place at the University of San Buenaventura in Medellín (Colombia), and will also be broadcasted online via the IT Latino technology portal.
AuraPortal BPM enables administrative and political procedures, services, etc., to be ordered, managed and controlled, improving file processing, public services, corporate document management and internal administration management.
Don’t take the risk. Let the experts help out. Your Business Software in the Cloud with AuraPortal.
The new version of the most intelligent and effective business software, with a more attractive design, improved performance and new features.
Don’t take the risk. Let the experts help out. Your Business Software in the Cloud with AuraPortal.
Don’t take the risk. Let the experts help out. Your Business Software in the Cloud with AuraPortal.
AuraPortal BPM technology , the Immediate Reception Unit for Electoral Transparency (URIEL) automates the management and tracking of complaints and allegations of irregularities in the Colombian 2014 electoral process.
Don’t take the risk. Let the experts help out. Your Business Software in the Cloud with AuraPortal.
Don't take the risk. Let the experts help out. Your Business Software in the Cloud with AuraPortal.
DAD (Dynamically Activated Divisions) Technology, used in the creation of Dynamic Forms, has been recognized by the analyst firm Gartner Inc. as an innovative functionality.
CAF Power & Automation has implemented twenty processes in just a year and a half with the AuraPortal BPM Suite, and the list continues to grow while the processes are continuously being optimized.
COCESNA, Corporación Centroamericana de Servicios de Navegación Aérea (Central American Corporation for Air Navigation Services), is an international organization that provides services in the areas of Air Navigation, Aeronautical Training and Aeronautical Safety.
Try AuraPortal Cloud Business Process Management (BPM). Without any obligation to continue! No investment and no ties. Automate your business processes in an easy, practical and secure way with AuraPortal Cloud BPM.
The integration of AuraPortal with mobile devices makes it possible to work with the BPM from anywhere.
AuraPortal Cloud, risk-free investment in a process automation project.
Using a next-generation BPM Suite, digital content can be designed, created and managed for any company with no need for any programming.
Every process has a lifecycle of 4 stages: Modeling, Execution, Monitoring and Optimization. These 4 stages make up the Lifecycle of the Processes, and naturally generate the company’s Continuous Improvement culture. This cycle can be automated using the tools provided with a BPM (Bu...
Close to a thousand attendees in the overall of the four sessions, showed their interest in learning about how BPMS are able to respond to the concerns and needs of any company.
The event took place at AuraPortal's Houten headquarters (Holland).
In times of crisis, adopting the Business Process Management (BPM) model can transform this delicate and momentous situation into a great opportunity for the future.
This article reflects the importance of Case Management in any type of public or private entity and how difficult it is to manage, which will become the great challenge of BPM Suites in the coming years.
AuraPortal awarded "Best BPM Vendor" during the event.
AURA, has announced its participation in various BPM events in Ecuador this month, along with the consultancy firm Solutions.
The BPM Eastern Europe Summit is the most important event ever held in the region of Eastern Europe for the Business Process Management industry.
Experts in different disciplines collaborate towards improved functionality and productivity in Public Administration.
You will acquire knowledge on how to diagram with the Objects of the BPMN standard, without having to program a single line of code.
This report presents the advantages of managing Human Capital in any organization with a next-generation Business Process Management Suite (BPMS).
AuraPortal Cloud Computing enables any entity to enjoy the benefits of the best Business Process Management (BPM) software, with the fastest and safest hardware, without any investment or maintenance worries and at a very affordable price.
AuraPortal integrates Document Management in the processes (no paper usage) and provides a seamless digital communication.